"Thank you and please then Donna for your outstanding attention to detail on behalf of the groundbreaking ceremony for Centennial Pavilion Lofts last Thursday, March 9th, 2006. The event proved to be a wonderful success. The presentation was lovely! The food was excellent! It is always a pleasure working with you and on behalf of all of us at S. Robert August &  Company, we appreciated your cooperation with regards to the deposit situation! Thank you for helping to make the Grand Opening of Centennial Pavilion Lofts a success!"
S. Robert August
"On behalf of our company franchises, Frontier Adjusters, and our own personal behalf, we thank you for being the greater part of making all our special events so successful. You've always been so creative with ideas for the themes of our parties. It's always a pleasure to work with you because we know we can trust you with all the details. We appreciate all your staff do for us at the events and we've never been disappointed in the caterers or our food. You've arranged parties in our home and at restaurants and each time they've been wonderful. Thank you! We don't hear the 'good news' often enough and we want you to know how much we appreciate all you and your staff do for each event."
           Vivian & Scott Markey
Frontier Adjusters
"Paula has been coordinating the company events here at Centrix Financial for over two years. She not only does a fantastic job each and every time we use her services, but she does so with a great attitude, confidence, and patience; regardless of how many times we make changes. Paula always give 100% - she leaves no stone unturned, consistently follows up, presents new and exciting ideas and shows pride in her work. Most recently, Paula coordinated (and attended) our Advisory Committee meeting in Palm Springs, CA. The result was extremely successful and subsequently provided our company with a respectful impression from our industry leaders. 
It is always a please to do business with Paula and anyone in her office. I am proud to say that Centrix Financial will continue to utilize her service and will be pleased to refer 
Y-PEP as an outstanding event planning organization."
              Jennifer K. Prince
Vice President, Marketing & Training
                                                                       Centrix Financial, LLC
"A note of personal thanks to you and Y-PEP for the excellent service, planning and attention-to-detail you have added to make all of our events spectacular successes! I can honestly say, you have added a touch of class to our programs!
Our 1998 Summit of Leaders event in Cancun was a highlight. The positive response from all 120 attendees, including senior management, exceeded expectations. For a "first-time-ever" event, it could not have been better planned, coordinated and implemented!
Your assistance was key to the success of both our Copper Mountain sales and marketing conference for 100 managers and our "campaign-themed" luncheon for 250 attendees in New York City.
Please use my name and Time Warner Telecom as references when working with other companies and organization. I enjoy working with you and Y-PEP. thank you for your friendliness and professionalism. Finally, we look forward to your able assistance with our 1999 Summit of Leaders recognition event in Kauai."
             Robert G. Meldrum
                                           Director of Marketing & Communications
Todd and I want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work. You Rock! Thanks, again!"
          Todd & Susan
I am writing to recommend the services of Paula Lane with YPep International Event Planning Services.  We have been using Paula to do our company tradeshows for the past five years, and have always been completely satisfied.  Paula does an excellent job with our trade show which includes accommodating 250 -300 customers and a dozen venderors.

I am happy to recommend the services of YPEP International.       Shawna Lane
HR Manager
U.S. Building Supply, Inc.

Pinnacol Assurannce held their 2010 Summer Picninc at the Aurora Reservoir. Paula Lane with Y-Pep was our event planner. She did an amazing job with the entire event. I would highly recommend her to other companies. Below are some of the highlights of the event and the extra steps that she took to ensure it was successful.
  • Paula's team had everything set up prior to any of the guests arriving.
  • The activity committee members from Pinnacol were actually able to enjoy the event along with other employees because Paula's team handled everything.
  • All of the activities were supervised by Paula's team. I never had any concerns about the kids by the water or doing any of the activities because they were supervised and very aware of everything going on at all times.
  • Paula had set up a snow cone machine. Instead of just having her folks to stand behind the machine and wait for people to come up, they walked around serving everyone! It was a huge perk.
  • When the line for the food was not moving, they rearranged the set up to get everyone through the line faster.
  •  Paula had an amazing photoghrapher who captured all of the fun that we had at this event. Once I saw the pictures I knew that this was one of the best picnics we had at our company.
Paula Lane takes pride in what she does. She made my role at Pinnacol as the chair person for the event planning committee extremely easy. I could enjoy the picnic instead of worrying about everyone having fun. Paula and her team made sure that we were all having a great time! Thank you, Hazel Lovato, Pinnacol Assurance.